Graphics Workshop

On this page: drypoints, linocuts, etchings, lithographs and prints on metal (1994 – 2006).

– Explain the Riddle, o Lady,
and I will let you go…

“The Riddle”, drypoint.

Onto the cosmic space the gates are opening,
onto Hell’s Vestibule
– labirynth of thoughts and their meanings…
What, my Lady?
You still asleep?
Aren`t you calling for redemption?

“Hell’s Vestibule”, etching.

“Not of this world are we…”, linocut.

Life –
Multitude of forms on the cosmic firmament.
Can you hear the music?
Read from the Book of Life, –
And you will understand what was and what will be.

“The Book of Life”, lithography.

“Other worlds”, etching and aquatint.

Untitled, lithography.

“First contact I” and “First contact II”, drypoint.

Dead Marshes I – III, etching.

“The Mirror of Life”, digital painting and print on metal.

“Demiurge”, digital painting and print on metal.