Here: selected works by Anna M. Karolak / Evviva l`arte! Painting, illustrations & design.

Web art II

The final illustration intended for the background for my “About page” in this website in 2012. Here also stylized thumbnails of my selfies for this website. …And the “Gallery page” for this website (2012).

Evolutions of motives I

The selected illustrations from the “Siste, viator (Stop, traveler)”, “Imaginations” and “Spleen” cycles, because the works from: the “Siste, viator” cycle 2012 + the “Imaginations” cycle – part I, 2012 + the “Imaginations” cycle – part II, 2014 + the “Spleen” cycle – part II, 2014 = the “Evviva l`arte” cycle – part II, 2014.