Imaginations I

The illustrations from the “Imaginations” cycle – part I, digital painting, 2012. These are my spiritual self-portraits.

The graphics from the “Imaginations” cycle are the continuation of the “Evviva l`arte I” cycle. They were made: in the year 2012 – the “Imaginations I” (this post) and in the year 2014 – the “Imaginations II”. In these graphics two figures are seen: my person – created on the basis of my photographic self-portrait and second – the figure of a demon – seated with his back to the viewer. The image of the demon derives from my graphics from few years ago, including in the “Enthymion” graphic cycle – created for the Enthymion heavy metal band.

The graphics from the “Imaginations” and the “Evviva l`arte” cycles are my spiritual self-portraits. An additional impulse for their creation was a poem of Kazimierz Przerwa – Tetmajer entitled “Evviva l`arte!”.

The graphics from both of those cycles are `acromonogrammatics`. This means that each work is based on motives from the previously completed work, which forms the fundation for the creation of a consecutive, alternate work. In this way I systematise my thoughts by the semantic evolution of the theme and the subtle evolution of graphical forms. Abstract forms and the distribution of colorful spots overlapping with more realistic forms are meant to awaken onirism and dreamlike uncertainty in the viewer. They also suggest a lack in the classification of these graphics. Symbolism, surrealism, halucinatory surrealism? Maybe all. Interpretative ambiguity is of great importance to me.

The inscription presented in the works – Siste, viator can be translated as Stop, traveler. These words express a lot, they are embeded in the Stone of Time – therefore, the figure of the demon in the graphics is a figure made of stone. The finger of my hand touches the hands of the demon. The motive of hands is repeated in different schemes in many of my works. All images of hands are taken from photographs of my own hands and used for the purpose of the graphics.

Some works are incripted with the words vide, sile, what means: see and be silent. Seeking out shapes in abstract forms, trying to find additional meaning, and inventing them, not necessarily defining what we see with words is the best way to view my art because some of the things that we see, are, as mentioned, beyond classification. Graphic and colorful nuances reflect the transience of thought. It shouts and screams in our heads, ready to escape and be blown over by the next thought. Creation is unfortunately slower than thought…