Drypoint - the Riddle by Anna Maria Karolak, 1994. Traditional graphic techniques - Graphic Art. Lithography by Anna Maria Karolak, 1994. Printmaking - traditional graphic techniques.
Etching - the Hell's Vestibule by Anna Maria Karolak, 1996. Printmaking - traditional graphic techniques.

About works:

– Explain the Riddle, o Lady,
and I will let you go…

“The Riddle”, drypoint, 35 x 23 cm, 1994.

Onto the cosmic space the gates are opening,
onto Hell's Vestibule
– labirynth of thoughts and their meanings…
What, my Lady?
You still asleep?
Aren`t you calling for redemption?

“Hell's Vestibule”, etching and mezzotint, 33,5 x 24,5 cm, 1994.

Untitled, lithography, 1996.

Art & Ch. Baudelaire.

The Flowers of Evil.

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