The Doll and her House, 1995, Anna Maria Karolak. Photo 01. Doll`s House - Doll House - Artistic Toy.

The Doll and its House

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The toy presented here called “The Doll and its House” was made in 1995 for the competition.

The toy presented here called “The Doll and its House” was made for the purposes of a contest and is a unique work, made only in one copy. The Doll won the 1995 prize in a competition on designing toys for children. The contest was organized by the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw and the Museum of Toys in Kielce (Poland) under the auspices of the Ministry of Education.

The work was appreciated due to the artistic value of the whole realization process. The project was opted to become a production on an industrial scale. This idea, however, was not realized because of too many pieces of work that could not be replicated by machine, and would require manual labor.

You can see this work in the Museum of Toys in Kudowa-Zdrój in Poland.

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