The Art of Anna Maria Karolak. Illustrations, painting and design.

Artistic toy – the Cat

Doll and her House

The Doll and her House, 1995, Anna Maria Karolak. Photo 05. Doll`s House - Doll House - Artistic Toy.


The sketch of my feet V, pencil drawing, 2017. Sketches - Pencil Drawings - Figure Drawing.

Navia Logo

Navia Logo, black ink on paper and then Photoshop. Heavy Metal Band Logo Design.

Evolutions of motives

Siste, viator (Stop, traveler) VI/IV, digital painting, 2012. Esoteric Art - Illustration Art.


Aurify VII/II/II, digital painting. CD Cover Design - Album Cover Design. Dark Art, Mystery Art, Heavy Metal Art, Alchemy in Art.

Cosmic trees II

Cosmic trees VIII/II/IV/II, digital painting, 2013. Dark Surrealism.

Evviva l`arte II

Evviva l`arte XV/II, digital painting, 2014. Onirisme Art.

Cosmic trees I

“Chameleon”, digital painting, 2011. Fantasy realism in the art of illustration - Magic Realism Art.

The Phantoms

Phantom II, pencil drawing from the “Phantoms” series. Onirisme Art - Metaphysical Art. The Art of Illustrations.


“Demiurge”, fr.I, oil painting on canvas. Magic realism in painting - fantasy in the fine arts. Symbolic art, mythological and fantasy themes in modern painting, Esoteric surrealism.


The sketch of a figure II, pencil drawing. Figure Drawing and Gesture Drawing by Anna Maria Karolak. Artistic Illustrations.

Egg Tempera Painting

Pastiche of the Altar of St. Barbara from 1447. Technique: egg tempera painting on panel, relief and flakes of 24k gold. Egg Tempera Painting and Gilding - Gold Leaf Gilding.

The Temptation

The Temptation, fr.XI/III, oil on panel, oil – resin painting technique, 2001. Portrait Oil Painting.

Imaginations II

Imaginations XXII, digital painting, 2014. Metaphysical Art - Illustration Art.

Spleen II

Imaginations XIX/II, digital painting, 2014. Charles Baudelaire Illustrations 2.

Spleen I

Spleen III/II, digital painting, 2012. Charles Baudelaire Illustrations.

Siste, viator

Demiurge - oil on canvas and digital art. Esoteric Art.

Imaginations I

Imaginations II/VI/II, digital painting, 2012. Metaphysical Art.

Evviva l`arte I

Evviva l`arte I, digital painting, 2011. Surreal self portraits by Anna Maria Karolak.


Self portraits by Anna Maria Karolak. Digital art, 2012.

Web Art VI

Artist Web Design Example: the final project of the layout for the “Gallery” page in this website in 2014. The Beautiful Website of Artist - Creative Personal Portfolio - Brilliant Design Portfolio.

Web Art V

Creative blog Design: Header Design, Logo Design, Gravatar Design and Web Banners Design - Examples of Illustration in Web Design.

Web Art IV

Artist Website: the graphic project of the “Portfolio” page for this website in 2014. Brilliant Design Portfolio, Creative Portfolio Website.

Web Art III

Artist Web Design Example: the final project of the layout for my “Gallery” page in this website in 2012. Artistic Web Design, Building an Website for Artist.

Web Art II

Illustrated Websites by Anna Maria Karolak. Here: the fragment of the Artistic Biography page design. The Art of Web Design, Illustration in Web Design.

Web Art I

“Imaginations VI/II” - one of the illustrations intended for the background for the “Biography” page in this website in 2012. The Example of Illustration Style in Web Design - Artist Web Design Examples.


Thanatos: Prelude VI, fr.I, digital painting, 2009. Onirisme Art Illustrations.

Fantasy Art

The Lizard, digital painting, 2009. Fantasy Art.