The Art of Anna Maria Karolak. Illustrations, painting and design.

Fantasy Art

The Lizard, digital painting, 2009. Fantasy Art.

Imaginations II

Imaginations XXII, digital painting, 2014. Metaphysical Art - Illustration Art.

The Temptation

The Temptation, fr.XI/III, oil on panel, oil – resin painting technique, 2001. Portrait Oil Painting.

Egg Tempera Painting

Pastiche of the Altar of St. Barbara from 1447. Technique: egg tempera painting on panel, relief and flakes of 24k gold. Egg Tempera Painting and Gilding - Gold Leaf Gilding.


“Demiurge”, fr.I, oil painting on canvas. Magic realism in painting - fantasy in the fine arts. Symbolic art, mythological and fantasy themes in modern painting, Esoteric surrealism.

The Phantoms

Phantom II, pencil drawing from the “Phantoms” series. Onirisme Art - Metaphysical Art. The Art of Illustrations.


The sketch of a figure II, pencil drawing. Figure Drawing and Gesture Drawing by Anna Maria Karolak. Artistic Illustrations.

Evviva l`arte II

Evviva l`arte XV/II, digital painting, 2014. Onirisme Art.

Cosmic trees I

“Chameleon”, digital painting, 2011. Fantasy realism in the art of illustration - Magic Realism Art.

Cosmic trees II

Cosmic trees VIII/II/IV/II, digital painting, 2013. Dark Surrealism.

Evolutions of motives

Siste, viator (Stop, traveler) VI/IV, digital painting, 2012. Esoteric Art - Illustration Art.


Aurify VII/II/II, digital painting. CD Cover Design - Album Cover Design. Dark Art, Mystery Art, Heavy Metal Art, Alchemy in Art.

Spleen II

Imaginations XIX/II, digital painting, 2014. Charles Baudelaire Illustrations 2.

Spleen I

Spleen III/II, digital painting, 2012. Charles Baudelaire Illustrations.


Thanatos: Prelude VI, fr.I, digital painting, 2009. Onirisme Art Illustrations.

Web Art I

“Imaginations VI/II” - one of the illustrations intended for the background for the “Biography” page in this website in 2012. The Example of Illustration Style in Web Design - Artist Web Design Examples.

Web Art II

Illustrated Websites by Anna Maria Karolak. Here: the fragment of the Artistic Biography page design. The Art of Web Design, Illustration in Web Design.

Web Art III

Artist Web Design Example: the final project of the layout for my “Gallery” page in this website in 2012. Artistic Web Design, Building an Website for Artist.

Web Art IV

Artist Website: the graphic project of the “Portfolio” page for this website in 2014. Brilliant Design Portfolio, Creative Portfolio Website.

Web Art V

Creative blog Design: Header Design, Logo Design, Gravatar Design and Web Banners Design - Examples of Illustration in Web Design.

Web Art VI

Artist Web Design Example: the final project of the layout for the “Gallery” page in this website in 2014. The Beautiful Website of Artist - Creative Personal Portfolio - Brilliant Design Portfolio.


Self portraits by Anna Maria Karolak. Digital art, 2012.

Evviva l`arte I

Evviva l`arte I, digital painting, 2011. Surreal self portraits by Anna Maria Karolak.

Imaginations I

Imaginations II/VI/II, digital painting, 2012. Metaphysical Art.

Siste, viator

Demiurge - oil on canvas and digital art. Esoteric Art.

Navia Logo

Navia Logo, black ink on paper and then Photoshop. Heavy Metal Band Logo Design.